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Continuing Education

Individual Course Duration: 1-5 Days

We are always ready to provide continuing education programs and the best divers are always learning, progressing, and evolving. There is always something fun and challenging to learn, and we offer a variety of specialty scuba courses designed to help you learn new skills and improve the quality and enjoyment of your dives. Achieve a specialty rating like Advanced, or join the elite scuba diving expert ranks and become a Master Diver. You will receive personalized training from dive professionals that have received the highest level of recreational dive training certification. Divers with more education and real world dive experience are more confident, comfortable and safer in the water.

What’s Included

eLearning, Instructional Guide, Weights, Appropriate Cylinders and entrance fees for parks/diving places.

What to Bring

Please bring your own Total Diving System or rent one from us: BCD, Regulator with Safe Second and Gauge (or Air Integrated Computer), and Dive Computer. Continuing Education students need their own Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins, Wetsuit (a full wetsuit 3 mm is highly recommended), and Surface Marker Buoy. Additional items may be required for certain specialty Courses. Your instructor can assist with the purchase of these items to insure you have a system that is adequate for scuba use.

The SSI Scuba Diving Certification levels are:

Level One: Open Water Diver – six logged dives (one snorkel, four training, one “fun” dive)

Level Two: Specialty Diver – 12 logged dives, two specialty classes

Level Three: Advanced Open Water Diver – 24 logged dives, four specialty classes

Level Four: Master Diver – 50 logged dives, five specialty classes, including Stress & Rescue



Divers may need a Doctor’s approval to scuba dive. Please, download, read, and answer the following questionnaire prior to participating in dive training with us: