KISS mechanical Closed Circuit Rebreather

KISS Rebreathers has always had a unique outlook on how to build and design underwater technology.

The most reliable machines are those that are straightforward, easy to use and easy to repair, regardless of what function they are meant to perform.  When designing a machine that is meant to go underwater and that will be used as life support equipment, KISS Rebreathers feels that it is especially important to follow the keep it simple philosophy.

It is important to remember that everything eventually fails, with this mind, the KISS rebreathers are designed to be durable, yet easy to assemble, dive and learn how to use.

The KISS Rebreather lineup features several different units.  They are all capable of recreational to technical diving, with some expedition grade units.   The KISS units are robust, but are also easily serviceable in the field.  After all, there are no repair shops or FedEx drop boxes when you are deep in a cave, in the middle of a jungle or out at sea.


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